State of Healthtech in SE Asia 2023

State of Healthtech in SE Asia 2023

27 November, 2023

Southeast Asia’s healthtech sector has defied the wider dealmaking slowdown to maintain its momentum in the first nine months of the current year, inking deals at the same pace as last year, finds our latest report.

We also take a deeper look at the role played by healthtech startups focused on deep tech fields such as genomics, molecular biology and artificial intelligence. These companies accounted for 46% of the total deal volume and 72% of the total capital raised by the region’s healthtech startups from January 2020 through September 2023, per The State of Healthtech in SE Asia 2023. 

This report covers:

  • Fundraising by Southeast Asian healthtech startups
  • Most valued startups in the region’s healthtech space
  • Sub-sector review, including curative technologies, diagnostics, telemedicine and more
  • Healthcare policy analysis across major markets
  • Perspectives from healthtech company executives and fund managers

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